A photographer workshop experience

When the workshop A Greater Story  by Jonas Peterson, was announced, I simply had to go. And so I did.

13 photographers from around the world met at an old farm in Sweden. It was quite a simple place, but very charming.

No, who am I kidding? We had to sleep in a dormitory. And a shared bath.

But what I really liked, was the company and the inspiration I got from my fellow workshop photographers. And of course I was so so inspired by Jonas Peterson himself, who is one of the worlds best wedding photographers. But not right away.

The inspiration has been a feeling. A sneaky feeling that did not appeared right away. A feeling of being calm. Because I now know, I have to find my voice, my own voice. And it is the perfect and only voice, because it is MY voice. So I went to Sweden, slept in a dormitory, endured these shared bathrooms, to be taught how to listen to my own voice. Thank you so much Jonas.

At workshops you are supposed to be shooting. And everyone else did. I tried, but I really couldn’t. Not really. I only did very few pictures, as showed in this post.

And so, this video is more like a handheld note, it was not planned to be a video, it just happened. At that moment, at that place, it felt right. So please, bear with my not so perfect pictures and sketchy audio. I just hope you get a glimpse of the feeling of being in that field, that evening, in Gotland, Sweden. And you know what? I will properly do another workshop again, even if I have to sleep in a dormitory…


Thanks to Jonas Peterson, Jazzy, Amanda,  Petra, June, Joe, Sylvia, Jonathan, Björn, Emma, Cassandra, Armin, Hanneke, Marina, Julia,  Miranda,

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