Pre-wedding from Hong Kong to Denmark

Once upon a time (last week), Mandy and Wing came all the way from Hong Kong to Denmark. Not only to be photographed, but to have their honeymoon in both Norway and Denmark. Because of the beauty of Norway and because of fairies and the tales of our famed Hans Christian  Andersen, the writer. And also because Denmark is known as the happiest nation in the entire world.

Mandy’s mermaid wedding dress was inspired by the fairytale “The Little Mermaid”, and the photoshoot location, Egeskov Castle was choosen for the exact same reason: it’s fairytale atmosphere.

Our day started very early at Grand Hotel in Odense, hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. Make-up stylist Trine Ebsen was the artist behind Mandy’s very natural and yet stylish hair and make-up.

At Egeskov Castle, we took a walk in the park so to speak. The most beautiful park I have ever been to. In every corner, you could find a really nice spot to shoot. And once in a while – if you squinted, or just outside the corner of your eye – you just might see something move. Didn’t you?

A great day at Egeskov Castle ended at Den Fynske Landsby, near the original home of Hans Christian  Andersen, Ground Zero if you’re into tales of fairies and frogs, mermaids and ducklings, princes and princesses.

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